Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wonderful by Busy Crafting Mommy Designs

Don't you love the early spring days when winter is slowly fading away and the snow begins to melt to reveal the flowers that are just starting to emerge from the ground? Busy Crafting Mommy Designs has a beautiful kit to cover your winter to spring transition. This kit is a perfect mix of wintery elements (like the pine branch and white leaf) alongside the budding branch and the soft green of a new spring leaf. This kit is so beautiful and would also work well with heritage layouts. You will love scraping with this lovely kit!

   photo BCMD_wonderful_preview_zps874595b1.jpg
   photo BCMD_wonderful_paperpreview_zpsdafb2769.jpg 
Sample pages by my CT

 By Robin: 
 photo SS_145_SNP_Robin_web.jpg

 photo SS_147_SNP_Robin_web.jpg 

 By Dani:
   photo DC_BCMD_Wonderful_LO1_zps8e8e5ed5.jpg

plus she has a pretty freebie on her blog
   photo DC_BCMD_Freebie_Prev_Wonder_zpsf08bdcea.jpg

By Wendy: 
 photo Edna_BCMD_Wonderful_ponytails_templ3_temp3_zps970dc6a2.jpg 

 By Jenn:
   photo PrettyAsAPicture_zps7fc58a6a.jpg 

 Jenn also has a great freebie  photo BCMD_Wonderful_FrameCluster_zpsa2d4ab0d.jpg

By Meg:
   photo alexisschoolphotos22012_zpsb53edef6.jpg

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  1. Thanks for the pretty frame, love the whole kit!



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